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who is claudia

“Since the age of nine, art has been my passion: my personal statement defining the essence of self. A lifetime devoted to the creative process, I’ve had fortunate opportunity, freedom and mentorship to explore various form and presentation. From paint to pastels, jewelry making and woodwork, glass and pottery to photography and film making, it’s been an all-encompassing pursuit that eventually lured me into the realm of mixed media. As an artist, it’s exhilarating to have free abstract manifestation that comes without boundaries or rules. And now as gallery owner where that expression can be displayed, I feel my journey has come full circle.”

“Geckos in Paradise”
One of fifty resident artist designs selected, it was an honor to participate in a fundraiser event for the Breast Cancer Center of Hawaii at Kapiolani Hospital where 5’x3’ fiberglass geckos were individually painted to represent various “local” themes. Then after a period of public awareness, pieces were auctioned off with all proceeds going to the Cancer Center.

The Art of 2001 – video
As part of a quartet assembled to represent different processes in art method, I was asked to embody landscape on canvas in acrylic media. Educational in focus, the production’s intent was to encourage student exploration into the world of creativity.

Venue Presentations
Haleiwa Art Festival
Pauahi Tower (various)
Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden
Honolulu Country Club (various)
Queen’s Hospital
Cedar Street Gallery

California College of Arts and Crafts
Windward Community College

Association of Hawaii Artists
Windward Artist Guild

original art

These are all original works. Click on the thumbnail to see more!

Avian Escape
Big Island Flow
Sutter Street
Golden Sunset
GTCA – The Gene Pool
Paradise Lost
Fish Market
Downtown Honoluylu Skyline III
Red Square Series #7(The Circle)
Corys Morning
Red Square Series #1(Divided River)
Let The Madness Begin
The Gene Pool

No Workshops

Host: Claudia Wallace

Upcoming Dates for 2016:
September 17th
October 15th
November 19th
December 17th

CW Art Studio at the Art Loft in Chinatown 1109 Maunakea St. #215
Honolulu, HI 96825


The class will explore abstract expression. I will give a short demo on various ways and techniques the materials can be used and we’ll look at the basics – composition, color, focal point value and division of space. My gallery has limited space so it’s on a first come basis. If interested please contact me. Cell: (808) 293-7033 Email: cwartstudio@aol.com

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